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Madealikestyle Interviews Avery Dennison of Equal People!

Avery Dennison, is a 22 year old fashion designer born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Kansas City, with a degree in Fiber Art. Avery started out as a artist, but felt that in order for people to see her work she would need to do more. She soon started her own clothing line named "Equal People", based on her belief that everyone should be treated equal no matter of the color of their skin. This vision can be seen in many of her designs, however one specific design stood out to me. In this design, she shows a pattern of human hands, highlighting the different skin tones and shades. I saw this as a great representation of what her clothing line stands for. Avery also plans to give back to the community through her non-profit organization, in which she plans to show individuals how to make clothes.

Equal People will be hitting the runway with 5 models at the West 18th Street Fashion Show this Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 8pm.

Avery is well on her way to an amazing career in the fashion industry. I am so thankful to have met this young lady, and I cannot wait to see Equal People on the runway this weekend. Go Avery!

Instagram: @equal_people

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