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  Clean clothes and shoes that fit are concerns a student should never have to worry about when starting their school year. Unfortunately, many students do not have these necessities. Lack of school clothing can adversely affect a student’s educational success. Some students who lack access to school clothes and supplies have trouble with self-esteem and confidence. Some even stay home from school, jeopardizing their education. 

  Twin sisters and fashion stylists, Tamra and Tasha Wright, are determined to do something about this. The Wright twins are co-founders of the fashion brand, Made Alike Style.

  While receiving nationwide praise for their fashion brand, Tamra and Tasha Wright remain committed to their local communities. They are inspired to use their passion for fashion styling to empower underserved youth. Now they are joining their hearts to launch a nonprofit initiative, Love Style. 

  Love Style provides gently used back to school clothes to young girls in need. A number of female students will attend a Love Style pop-up shop event set up just for them. The students will shop through clothing donations featuring gently used or like new items. The young girls will receive three complete outfits from Love Style. The outfits are provided free of charge. Made Alike Style co-founders, Tamra and Tasha Wright, will personally style each girl to make sure they can start their school year with a look designed just for them. 

  Love Style provides each young girl they work with the opportunity to experience genuine excitement and pride when they attend school in their professionally styled outfits. Their belief is that excitement and pride will translate into beautiful start to a successful academic year. 

All the services provided by Love Style will be donated from like-minded and like-hearted clothing companies, organizations, and individual donors inspired by the mission behind Love Style. There are multiples ways to support Love Style. Event venues are needed to supply a location for Love Style’s pop up shops. Make-up and hair styling artists are welcome to donate their services to the young girls. Love Style accepts clothing donations from individuals and businesses.

Our Organization

The name of the organization is “Love Style”.  The focus is to give gently used clothes to young girls in need, for back to school – through a series of donations.


Our inspiration comes from our feeling that every young should have the opportunity to start the new school year with new outfits/clothes.  This helps the younger generation to feel confidence in themselves.

This will help young women in Kansas City, in need of clothing for the new school year who normally ma.  Everyone is not always fortunate enough to be able to purchase new school clothes every year, and by giving back to our community, we would hope that it gives the next generation of kids an appreciation to “pay it forward”.

Love Style is the brainchild of the twin sisters, Tamra and Tasha Wright. They are the co-founders and co-owners of Made Alike Style. Made Alike Style is a progressive fashion blog and business based out of Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL. Their brand has garnered national attention. They were featured as guest editors in Marie Claire Magazine and highlighted on online magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily. 


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